Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Many people ask if hypnosis may help them lose weight and the answer is indisputably “yes”. This is a tool helping you in focusing on what your goals are, for example. It may help you control your imagination power: see yourself performing what you should do to achieve your objectives, such as lose weight. For weight loss, this is going to require changing your exercise and eating habits as well as your self- image.

When mixed with behavioral weight management treatment plan, this has been proved to be a successful tool for attaining low to moderate weight loss amounts. But there are various variables which should be considered. The hypnotic program should be tailored to an individual. Also, different people have different requirements.

You’re not only helped experiencing the heightened state of relaxation and suggestibility, attentive concentration in your office, but also at the comfort of your home. This is done through making you audio tape (cassette or CD) you are instructed to listen to, at least once per day, at home for months. By listening continuously to your hypnotist’s suggestions, the message is going to be received by your brain’s subconscious control center. It will help you in programming your exercise and eating habits, as well as improving your self-image.


Hypnosis is an additional tool for unveiling underlying, unconscious emotional factors causing you to overindulge in food, or make poor food choices whenever you’re stressed, depressed and bored among others. Once the emotional eating habits are made conscious, this tool is then employed in helping you change to more positive motivators that will make you choose better choices when under stress.

When a person is helped into hypnotic trance state by a hypnotist or clinician, this process is known as hetero-hypnosis. When a person experiences this, and is taught to individually do it, it’s known as self-hypnosis. Both of these are expedient tools for successful hypnotic weight loss program.

The biggest obstacle in weight loss is normally its long-term retention, or rather the weight loss maintenance. This is promoted when a person who is passionately committed to following through with weight loss maintenance program possesses efficient tools to use in helping him or her cope with stress and anxiety among other of his or her emotions. The efficient tools may include: self-control skills, emotion regulation skills, and deep knowledge concerning nutrition, diet and exercise. Cognitive-behavioral, self-hypnosis and hypnosis skills offer the best resource tools in this regard that have been proven through research.

Successful hypnotherapy weight loss treatment should be geared towards bolstering the patient’s self-esteem as well as appreciation of her or his gift of health.

Hypnosis and its effects on weight loss has not been provided as much focus as is needed by research scientists. But more research studies, with control groups as well as large subject pools, are required so as to help better in understanding how this tool may actually help those committed individuals successfully lose weight.

Hypnosis should be taken as beneficial tools assisting in limited weight loss if combined with other forms of treatment like educational programs and cognitive-behavioral therapy among others.

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