How to Get a Girl to Like You Tips


Are you the type of guy who can easily get any girl you want? Are women lining up for a chance to talk to you? If you answered “no” to these questions, you are among the 99.9 percent of guys out there who can use a little help with your game. The good news is that you do not have to be a walking chick magnet to improve your luck with the ladies; you just have to learn a few tricks of the trade.

Complimentary Advice

Never underestimate the power of a simple, genuine compliment. It may seem too obvious to be effective, but many a conquest has been initiated with a complement like “Wow, that is a beautiful necklace, what type of stone is that?” Learning the art of giving a compliment and how it can take you from dud to stud in no time, but there are a few ground rules to follow. Avoid heavy handed compliments limited to physical appearance such as “You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.” These come off as disingenuous and manipulative, not to mention that they lack creativity.

coupleIf you really want to score points, compliment a girl on some aspect of her personality after you have been chatting for a while. Telling a woman she is compassionate or that she has a great sense of humor will quickly propel you out of the friend zone. One word of advice; moderation is the key when it comes to compliments. One or two genuine compliments are great, but do not spend an hour telling her how wonderful she is when you have only just met. That crosses the line into creepy behavior, and will all but guarantee a lonely drive home by yourself.

The Way to Her Heart

The old saying is that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This is something of an antiquated notion these days, but it is certainly fair to say that the way to a woman’s heart is through her friends. A girl’s friends are the first line of defence through which potential suitors must pass. In short, if her friends think you are a great guy and give you the “thumbs up”, you are much more likely to win her heart. For this reason, making an effort to impress a girl’s friends and get them in your proverbial corner is a wise idea. When a girl sees that her friends like you, she will be more confident in trusting her own feelings about you, and you will have passed an all-important litmus test.

All About Her

An important factor that many guys overlook when courting a woman is how they make a girl feel about herself. Most guys are so busy trying to present an impressive image of themselves that they forget about this crucial piece of the puzzle. Every woman wants a guy who makes her feel special; a guy who recognizes her inner and outer beauty and lets her know that he sees the magic in her soul. If you can pull this off, good things are in your future. You do not have to be the richest, most handsome or most charismatic guy in the room you only have to recognize what is beautiful in a woman and let her know that you see it. For women who want to learn how to get a guy to like you than read how to become his secret obsession by James Bauer by following the link.

What is a Prepper?


Preppers prepare for apocalyptic type scenarios by developing a plan to deal with various events coupled with honing useful skills and gathering materials to aid them and their loved ones survival. These cataclysmic events commonly hold, but certainly not limited to, a theme of all out war, caused by any number of reasons, to where all form of commerce and civility amongst man has ceased to exist. Another common theme is a large scale nuclear war or meltdown that destroys the ecosystem and pulls civilization into a state of anarchy. Still other SHTF (“sh*t hits the fan” within prepper circles) events also are taken into consideration such as the total depletion of natural resources, climate change, natural disasters, widespread disease or famine, biologic terrorism, religious or cultural prophecies, violent AI self-consciousness also stretching to even alien invasion or zombies. While the exact motives and details are far to numerous to list here, they all hold a common theme, rapid and deadly change from life how we know it.

While there is no real standardization of methods to survive some aforementioned situations, common patterns can be formed by current publicly mentioned and suggested preparations. Many of the more advanced preppers have a significant financial investments into their survival plans, often involving the purchase of vehicles, weapons, non-perishable food, property and the construction of new buildings even bunkers or fallout shelters. Most preppers desire to be as far from the major populace as they can muster or afford. Fewer people in a given area equates to a lessened potential for altercations with the less prepared, who may have turned to stealing and killing to make ends meet, or factions they wish to avoid for various reasons. This also lessens possibility for contamination or infection if a nuclear or biological scenario came to fruition.prepper

Many focus efforts and hone skills on a combination of hunting, fishing, gathering and farming for sustenance, with self-sufficiency being held as a very high priority. Alternative fuels are also commonplace among preppers, solar and wind power being a high commodity in a off the grid preparedness set up. Automobiles are also modified to function in a world with out refueling stations and to survive possible EMP waves that can destroy electrical mechanisms, mechanical skills are also a premium in STHF events.

Conversions to run alternate or multiple fuels in these vehicles are not unheard of, for example, fuels such as home refined and stockpiled bio diesel, the fairly common propane and natural gas or renewable electric powered autos. Training in the use and maintenance of weapons, particularly with firearms, bows, crossbows and knives and also training in unarmed combat disciplines is a part of many prepper’s regimen, with the harsh reality in mind of widespread violence being probable in some extreme circumstances. Non-perishable foods are often stockpiled in preparation for troubling times that may arise, with shelf lives of up to 50 years on some items, this is a long term plan with a large investment of not only money but space as well.

A prepper’s biggest goal is to be ready for whatever the world may throw at them, no matter how extreme this may be. Some view the need for this level a preparedness as excessive or even paranoid but in this ever changing day in age, many of their theories coming true are not beyond the realm of possibility. A often espoused ideal of preppers is, that should society fall apart, that they and loved ones or descendants, will survive and one day assist in the rebuilding of humanity, in a likeness to how we know it in the present or a different, but better, world entirely. While many people cannot afford or justify the level of preparation exhibited by some, the idea of being ready for a disaster is something worth reviewing within your own life. Therefore i would recommend you read the lost ways reviews with a view to getting this excellent guide for beginners.

Yoga for weight loss tips


Do you feel uncomfortable in your current size and would like to shed off some calories? Which weight loss options do you have? I hope yoga is one of them.

Many people wonder whether it’s possible to lose weight with yoga exercises. I can confidently tell you that yoga will give a solution to your weight loss struggles. All you need to do is to appear for yoga lessons and concentrate.

How does it work?

Do you have a friend who practices yoga? There are high chances that they look settled mentally, physically and spiritually. What is the trick?

1. Yoga helps you think differently

Yoga helps you shed off weight and keeps you from adding extra calories. This is simply because; yoga brings about a clear reactive relationship between the body and mind which eventually translates to what you eat.

2. It increases flexibility

Yoga enhances weight loss since it involves twisting your body backward, forward and other poses that help in activating muscles.

3. It influences change

Practicing yoga gives your body a spiritual connection that can help you effect the change you would want to see in your life. For instance, if you want to change your lifestyle, eating habits or the way you think and feel about unhealthy foods, yoga will help you do that.

4. Yoga creates a body-mind connection

Yoga creates a strong body-mind connection that helps you to become aware of who you are, and what you consume in terms of quality and quantity.

Yoga Tips

There are a few things you need to do to cut those extra pounds.

i. Be aware that you can start yoga at any size and age. Do not be intimidated because you feel overweight, yoga is for all body sizes.

ii. Ensure you dress comfortably to the yoga room. If you are overweight, no need to wear tight boob tops, even a t-shirt is okay as long as you feel comfortable.

iii. Concentration is essential when practicing yoga.

iv. Be comfortable with your instructor, a good teacher matters when it comes to yoga weight loss.

Yoga poses

There are a number of poses that can facilitate weight loss effectively. They include;

i. Surya Namaskar – This is a good weight loss pose since it exercises the entire body and it involves twelve different poses encompassed together. For example the cobra pose, and forward bend among others.

ii. Triangle pose – This pose encourages weight loss around the arms, thighs and the waist line.

iii. Upward plank – For beginners this is a tough pose to crack but the results will live you happy. It works the shoulders, arms, spine, and wrists, back and fortifies muscles significantly. In addition, it works on the respiratory system, legs, thigh muscles and the hips.

iv. Bridge pose – This pose helps you burn calories on your thighs, stomach as well as the hips.

Other yoga poses that will help you lose that extra pound are the boat pose and the warrior pose among others. They will facilitate burning of calories around the arms, the waist line, and will help you burn that stubborn belly fat as well as increase blood circulation.

Do not waste more time. Read up on the yoga burn video of a class you can practice at home today and burn those extra calories. You will never be the same!