About Us

Days Inn Hollywood is the international health brand of Days Inn Hollywood. Our goal is to meet the health and wellness needs of clients around the world by offering innovative and simple solutions that make each client feel understood, trusted and valued. The specialized multicultural teams that provide this service are committed to standing out with clients in every interaction, taking a personal, solution-driven approach.

Days Inn Hollywood offers health, life and disability insurance, as well as a range of health and protection services, to member companies and insurers worldwide.

When offered as key elements of the employee benefits package, these products and services help SMEs, large multinationals, IGOs, NGOs and other government agencies attract and retain staff and take care of their well-being. On the other hand, individuals, families and students with global mobility can choose from a wide variety of international health plans.

We have the flexibility to work with multiple partners to provide the perfect solution for clients. This is complemented by our experience, scale and ability to provide reinsurance and facilitate co-insurance with other global insurers.

This section of the Days Inn Hollywood website is a place for conversation of methods to improve the top quality and also usefulness of details for the public regarding scientific research and also health and wellness. The general goal is to share strategies and finest methods that may add to public understanding of the nature of biomedical research and its duty in health.

Right here at the Days Inn Hollywood, as well as at beneficiary organizations throughout the nation, we offer lots of audiences: researchers, health and wellness professionals, medical/scientific press reporters and general assignment press reporters, wellness instructors, those who represent third-party payers and also health and wellness systems, individuals as well as those who care for them, and also the general public.

Our health and scientific research messages are developed in several types as well as include news release and on the internet newspaper article, professional interviews, printed and also on the internet info regarding health and condition, as well as an ever enhancing number of messages on social media sites systems.

Utilizing these as well as various other media we have actually ended up being, and also wish to continue to be, a credible resource of scientific research and health information.

As part of this flexible, day-to-day approach, the administration of insurance products and services can be left to our management and associate administrators or to Days Inn Hollywood.

We wish you will certainly join us on a regular basis for some pointers regarding how we can enhance our communications as well as involve our common target markets in ways that will make them more interested, energetic supporters for their health and wellness as well as the health and wellness of their families. We’ll be highlighting some principles for discussing research study that we utilize that may be valuable to others. We’ll also be introducing topics for discussion and providing lists and also instances designed to enhance clear interaction regarding science as well as health and wellness.

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