Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy explains how we treat data we collect from you and how our website works to give you the best experience. It is important for you to read through it. When you use our website, you give us the go-ahead to use your data in accordance with our set rules. The information we collect from you is processed when necessary to give you the best service you need.

When registering on our website, we may need your name and email address. This information will be treated confidentially and not passed to a third-party. However, more information about you can be asked as the need arises. Only individuals above our age limit are allowed to access our website.

We reserve the rights to suspend and/or revoke your account without necessarily stating the reasons. The comments you make on our website will be labeled anonymous. Such comments are reviewed and can be deleted if it contains unauthorized language and/or insults directed to individuals. For the best experience of our users, we may use cookies.

These are information stored on your computer to optimize our website. However, there is a consent everytime you visit our website.No matter where you are or what your citizenship is, we are compliant with general laws and we do not wish to infringe on any law or cause any harm to the public by what we provide on our website.

Any similarity in characters, stories or anything we post to the reality is purely coincidental. It is also pertinent to note that as much as we try to keep your information private, there is no way that ensures 100% safety of such information.

Third-parties such as Google ads may show up on our website and it is entirely up to you to cancel or click on them. We operate as an independent website and thus we are not connected to any other websites that may need your data.